If you”re tired of staring at the same background image on your phone but don”t know what to replace it with, I suggest making a trip to Aerial Wallpapers. This Tumblr blog features an ever-growing collection of satellite images of our planet, each of which resemble beautiful, abstract pieces of art. The collection includes images from all over the world, and shows natural features as well as human-made structures. According to the blog, the images are optimized for the iPhone 6 Plus at 1242 x 2208 pixels, but can be resized to fit any device. They”re all incredibly gorgeous images.

The images are at once wonderfully abstract and intensely real. They let us look at our planet in a new way. You can download all the images on the Tumblr blog, and check back for more uploads.

All images are sourced from NASA and Airbus Defence and Space.