Going through an awkward stage is a part of growing up, but some people get it a little worse than others. And when we say worse, we mean they apparently swapped genders and became completely different people and weren”t ugly ducklings anymore. “Ugly Duckling Syndrome” is when, as children, people are bullied for being ugly or awkward… but then eventually grow out of it. Here are 56 people who, by luck or just hard work, grew out of their awkward stage and became ridiculously attractive.

Each of them submitted their photos to this Reddit thread asking for self-proclaimed ugly ducklings and what they look like now. I”m not personally calling any of these people ugly, especially since most of them are pretty much normal looking kids… but there”s no denying some of these transformations are jaw-dropping. Check them out.

So, take all of this however you want. Either it”s superficial and they were beautiful all along… or it”s hope for anyone that puberty and growing up can change anyone.

I hit puberty 15 years ago. Wonder if it”s too late? 😛