From time to time, we encounter different kinds of injuries. And they are just part of our normal walks of life. But what makes them unusual and shocking is seeing the actual X-ray photos of these injuries. Some are really just beyond imagination.

The photos surely left me dumbfounded. Believe it or not, there were people who did not even notice any foreign objects left behind in their body until the X-ray result was released. And there were also strange persons who did some mind-boggling things to their body which actually made me wondering if what is wrong with these people!

Here are 18 X-ray photos showing some of the strangest foreign objects found in human bodies. ENJOY!

#1. This woman swallowed 78 pieces of cutlery for unknown reasons.

X-ray 1

Photo credit: Imgur
#2. Apparently, aerosol cans are common objects found by doctors inside a patients rectum.

X-ray 2

Photo credit: Radiopaedia
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