Looking for a gift that”s as unique and creative as the recipient, but falling short?

Never fear! These quirky treats are perfect for the people in your life who aren”t content to follow the herd. And the best part? They”re all available online.

1. For the one with the sweet tooth.

For the one with the sweet tooth.

These Galaxy Lollipops are almost too pretty to eat they contain completely edible photographic reproductions of actual galaxies in our universe. Each galaxy gets its own flavor, too. They come in sets of ten, so maybe you could even snag one for yourself. They”ll never know.

2. For the card shark.

For the card shark.

The Aves Playing Cards are perfect for someone who likes pretty things, but also enjoys kicking butt at poker. These were designed by Russian artist Karina Eibatova and feature a delicately painted bird theme.

3. For the beauty product enthusiast.

For the beauty product enthusiast.

These Soap Leaves are real soap, but they”re made with real leaves. The soap resin is poured over a leaf skeleton, and the result is a wafer of soap that smells like honey. Each piece is good for one or two washings.

4. For the one who likes a challenge.

For the one who likes a challenge.

If you like punishing yourself and your friends, then the 1,000 Colors Puzzle is perfect for you.

5. For the artist and tea/coffee enthusiast.

For the artist and tea/coffee enthusiast.

I”m not gonna lie; I might buy these for myself, because the struggle is real, you guys. I have ruined more than one cup of tea by jamming a paintbrush into it. Nothing is more disappointing than that. Luckily, the Paint Water Mugs are here, and they can be purchased individually or as a set.

6. For the light traveler.

For the light traveler.

This watch wallet from Discommon Goods gives you a sleek and durable way to pack watches, credit cards, passports, and the other small but valuable things you”ll need for a trip without the bulk.

7. For the harried gardener.

For the harried gardener.

If you like having classy plants but life keeps preventing you from watering them, then you”ll really like the Tableau Automatic Plant Watering Tray. You just fill the reservoir and let it sit for about a month. The plants decide when they”re thirsty, and you don”t have to worry.

8. For the one who”s afraid of the dark.

For the one who

This color-cycling Pac-Man USB Ghost Lamp has 16 different color options, so you don”t have to choose from the original four. Keep it steady to help you navigate in the dark on quests to eat fruit. Best of all, this one won”t come after you.

9. For the sci-fi politician.

For the sci-fi politician.

This set of Star Wars propaganda posters comes with four pro-Empire and four pro-Rebel Alliance images. Their 8×10 measurements make them easy to use, even in small spaces.

10. For the minimalist.

For the minimalist.

Posters don”t always need complexity to brighten up a room, according to your friend with the home so simple and elegant it fills you with jealous rage. The bright, bold, but grown-up Draplin Thick Line Posters can work pretty much anywhere, even in a kid”s room.

11. For the style-conscious cyclist.

For the style-conscious cyclist.

I can”t ride a bike, and I feel like one of the major reasons (besides my general uncoordinatedness) is the fact that bike helmets make you look really, really stupid. The Thousand Bike Helmet is attempting to change that, though, and I am grateful. It”s available in white, navy, or black, and features a built-in lock for securing to your bike. Also, it”s not a neon foam monstrosity.

12. For the problem solver.

For the problem solver.

The Tetris Light is a fun way to light up a corner. Thanks to the magic of conductivity, the interlocking pieces will light up as soon as they come in contact with one another. You can arrange them in any configuration, too.

13. For the organized goth.

For the organized goth.

Wanting to remind yourself of important events and tasks and surrounding yourself with the morbid don”t have to be mutually exclusive, thanks to the Homo Sapien Chalkboard Skull. Available in seven colors ranging from classic black to sunny yellow, this little guy will keep you up to date on everything.

14. For the one looking for inspiration.

For the one looking for inspiration.

The Sketchbook Project World Tour pulls the highlights from the Sketchbook Project, a collaborative art project involving people from all over the world. The creators have compiled the best images into one awesome book. It”s perfect for when you”re looking for ideas.

15. For the one who already has inspiration.

For the one who already has inspiration.

The Resketch Artist Edition Sketchbook actually does come with some little prompts in a fun, recycled way. Each page is made from a different kind of reclaimed paper, from letterhead to architectural drawings, so you can have all kinds of fun transforming them into something new.

16. For the extreme one.

For the extreme one.

Okay, this might be a bit much for a gift, but it”s a perfect addition to a home when you need to get away for a little while. The Gute Collingswood Shepherd Hut is mobile, but we don”t recommend hitching it up for a road trip.

You might not drop an undisclosed amount of money on a luxury trailer hut, but one can dream. And of course, these gifts don”t just have to be for other people; you”re always allowed to treat yourself!

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