I always knew that some cultures eat bugs. As a kid, I could never figure out why. I liked McNuggets and Happy Meals. Why did some kids around the world prefer scorpions and worms?

Since I grew up, I still haven”t learned to appreciate their reasons, but I began to understand why. To some people, these 15 edible bugs are just as delicious as ice cream on a hot summer day.

Warning: If you recently ate lunch, you”re not going to want seconds after seeing these “dishes!”

1. Agave Worms

Agave Worms

This kind of worm is sometimes found in tequila or mezcal bottles. The larvae are often pickled in alcohol or consumed as a standalone dish in Mexico.

2. Scorpions


In China and Thailand, scorpions are typically served fried, where they taste like a soft-shell crab.

3. Grasshoppers


Roasted grasshoppers are a fairly common dish in Mexico. They are served with chile and lime, and sometimes featured in grasshopper tacos!

4. Honeypot Ants

Honeypot Ants

The Aboriginal people of Australia eat these ants, which also serve as walking food carts to other ants in the colony.

5. Silkworms


Fried silkworm grubs are consumed in South Korea and Thailand, where the silk industry looms large.

6. Nsenene


Described as tasting like a cross between chicken and shrimp, these African grasshoppers are common in Uganda as a fried dish.

7. Mealworms


Mealworms are typically used as pet food, but sustainability organizations in Europe promote its use as an ingredient in other dishes, like cakes or burgers.

8. Eathworms


Known for being high in iron, earthworms are consumed in countries like Venezuela and Croatia.

9. June Bugs

June Bugs

Native Americans roast these insects over hot coals.

10. Walking Sticks

Walking Sticks

Some varieties of walking stick are eaten in Papua New Guinea and Asia. They supposedly taste “leafy.”

11. Crickets


The most common methods of cooking crickets are through frying or roasting. They are often consumed in Cambodia, Thailand, and Mexico.

12. Wasps


Adult and larval wasps are roasted or boiled in some East Asian countries in order to get a described “buttery and earthy” taste.

13. Cockroaches


These surprisingly clean bugs (if raised on a plant-based diet) can be tasty when fried or sauteed.

14. Tarantulas


Tarantulas are popular in Cambodia for their protein and alleged virility-boosting properties. They supposedly taste like crab.

15. Cicadas


The cicada pupae have soft, juicy bodies just after they molt. They are eaten fried in Asian countries like China, Japan, and Malaysia.

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I think I lost my appetite after seeing these. Who ever heard of a cockroach on a plant-based diet?