Hidden doors always seemed like they were only for superheroes and villains. Thankfully, this no longer seems to be the case. Unless, of course, the people who shared these photographs are superheroes and villains playing fast and loose with their secret hideouts. If you don”t mind rolling up your sleeves and doing some construction work, you too can have a door that leads to a hidden passageway or room. There might already be one in your home right now!

1. Sliding Bookcase Door

Sliding Bookcase Door

2. Private Theatre Hidden Door

Private Theatre Hidden Door

3. Swinging Bookshelf Door

Swinging Bookshelf Door

4. Massive Library Door

Massive Library Door

5. Hidden Bedroom Behind Bookcase

Hidden Bedroom Behind Bookcase

6. Hidden Rock Driveway

Hidden Rock Driveway

7. Playroom Behind Wardrobe

Playroom Behind Wardrobe

8. Victorian Facade Hidden Garage

Victorian Facade Hidden Garage

9. Wine Cellar Hidden Underneath Mat

Wine Cellar Hidden Underneath Mat

10. Dresser Hidden Vault

Dresser Hidden Vault

11. Staircase Hidden Door

Staircase Hidden Door

(via ODDEE)

Now it”s time to try out secret knocks all over your house. Quick! Every second you spend not knocking is one less second you”ll have in your new secret lair.