On a tiny island in a lake in Russia exists a tiny little church waiting to be discovered. It”s located near St. Petersburg, and close to the border with Finland. It appears in the woods, with its gold top, like something right out of a fairytale.

The island is little more than a few rocks sticking up out of the lake, and seems like an unlikely place for a church. Yet the size of the island makes the church seem even more magical, like it”s floating right on the water.

Although it looks timeless, the church was actually built in 2000 by an architect and university professor. It”s called the Church of the Transfiguration of Andrew. It”s named after the apostle Andrew, but the architect”s name also happened to be Andrew.

The church comes complete with a sign.

The interior, which is obviously small, but beautifully ornate.

(source English Russia)

This tiny church is a perfect example of a hidden treasure. Located off the beaten track, it”s like a magical little secret waiting to be discovered. If you come across it in your travels, be sure to take a picture of this breathtaking structure.