This wouldn”t be the first time we”ve seen a kitchen made out of non-kitchen materials, but it might be the cuddliest version yet. Constructed by fifty artists for last July”s Jumpers and Jazz Festival at Australia”s Warwick Art Gallery, the domestic scene featured a full kitchen completely cocooned in bright swaths of knit and crocheted yarns. The Jumpers and Jazz Festival celebrates textile arts and the coming of winter (which, in the Southern Hemisphere, is in July). “Jumper” is another term for “sweater.”

The kitchen was created by various artists, so each knit or crocheted item is a little different.

Everything in this kitchen, including the appliances, furniture, and flooring, is in effect wearing a sweater.

(via My Modern Met)

Every item in the kitchen, from the table and fridge to the utensils and dishes, was wrapped in custom-knit and -crocheted cozies. To mimic water coming from the tap, a white tassel was attached to the faucet. The techniques vary from artist to artist, so the result is a charmingly mismatched patchwork of colors, patterns, and textures. It”s also adorable.

That”s the cutest roast turkey we”ve ever seen.

Silver yarn on the toast rack was a nice touch.

A handmade outdoor scene in the “window” creates a whole world of yarn.

The refrigerator gets a doily treatment.

The kitchen installation, explains gallery director Karina Devine, is a take on the modern fad of “yarn bombing,” where people wrap public objects in yarn. It also touches on outside-the-box yarn projects. It speaks to the resurgence of knitting and crocheting as a popular craft among younger people.