It”s easy to love camping, the great outdoors, the open space, the quiet, and of course the singular beauty of nature. This entails giving up the luxuries of the modern human world and doing things like cooking over a fire and peeing outside. Some people actually take a lot of pleasure in doing that. Other people? Not so much.

Luckily, there are events like Urban Campsite that tackle these issues. This festival features art and architecture in the Netherlands, all in a campsite setting.

One of these award-winners is the Markies (that”s “Marquis” in Dutch, as in “awning,”), designed by Eduard Bohtlingk. Originally designed in 1985, it”s an expandable caravan that looks more like a small apartment than a camper, and features accordion-style folding parts that double as collapsable walls in the sleeping and living spaces.

When it”s parked, the walls fold downward, creating two whole new rooms and tripling the floorspace.

The living room side features a clear panel so you can have protection while still being able to enjoy the view.

The sleeping side has an opaque panel for privacy. Not a huge deal in the wilderness, but in an RV campsite, it”s a more important concern. The top photo shows how it looks when the foldable panels are pushed up. At night, you sleep in an orange bubble.

Inside, it resembles a small apartment more than a camper, with kitchen appliances, seating, and electrical capability.

(via If It”s Hip It”s Here)

If you”re looking to get away from civilization, but not far away from a warm bed and some privacy, then this might be the camper for you. And when you”re done, simply fold it up and drive it home. It”s that simple.