Super Bowl commercials are almost as entertaining as the game, some years when the game is a blowout the commercials make the game worth watching. We posted one example from Victorias Secret that will surely turn some heads when it comes on this Sunday. Companies have to pay a small fortune to get the ad space during the game with most 30 second ads will cost upwards of $5 million just for the ad space, and that doesnt even include the production cost of the commercial itself.

Now most people would think that is just crazy, but when you think about it last year at Super Bowl 49 there was an average of 114.4 million people watching per minute. So essentially over 100 million people will see your product for the 30 second ad, thats when it starts to make sense and why they can get away with charging so much for such a short ad.

Here are some commercials to watch for this Sunday and just remember ever single commercial you see spent upwards of $5 million for you to see that ad.

Mobile Strike

Mobile games have dramatically increased in popularity and have also turned into a incredible money makers. None other than Arnold Schwarzenegger has teamed up with the game Mobile Strike and has done a lot of small ads that show up on mobile games. But now they are stepping up the advertising by bringing you this.


Liam Neeson teams up with LG to bring you the man from the future commercial that features the latest TV technology made by LG. The ad has many Tron type affects that we assume are meant to show how amazing this OLED TV is supposed to be, but the catch is it probably only looks that good if you are already watching a OLED TV.

Death Wish Coffee Company

Intuit held a contest for small businesses that were looking to land big business ad space and the Death Wish Coffee Company with their fiercely caffeinated took home the crown out of roughly 15,000 small business that applied. Death wish is based out of Round Lake New York. They teamed up with the special effects company that did the Pirates of The Carribean and took 2 days to shoot the following commercial that has vikings and viking ships. How can you go wrong with vikings?


Marmot is a outdoor clothing company that is know for making high end gear that anyone that spends time in the mountains will know about or probably have already. The commercail is based around a develpoing freindship between a guy and a giant squirell, or otherwise known as a marmot.

Amazon Echo

Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino team up to show the diversity of Amazons Siri type product. The Echo can search things on the internet for you, play music etc and her name is Alexa. Ive actually seen one of these in use and they are pretty sweet.

Mountain Dews Kickstart : puppymonkeybaby

This very well may be the most bizarre commercial of the bunch. Im not even sure how to explain it to be honest. How this puppymonkeybaby is supposed to get people to buy and drink Mountain Dew kiskstart im not really sure. But one thing is for sure you are about to find out what a puppymonkeybaby is.

Acura NSX

The new NSX has been talked about for almost 10 years and so its good to see that it is actually becoming a real thing. Its got gorgeous body lines and looks as if it could be completely worth the hype. But is it worth the $156,000 price tag? That is yet to be determined.