Combining the celestial and the earthly, photographer Sofia Ajram creates simple yet haunting images. Her models seem to inhabit an ethereal plane where stars intermingle with human forms and landscapes, and mysterious characters cast magic spells. Normal scenes of bedrooms and woods become fairytale forests and portals to the far reaches of space, and very human models become shadowy, witchy figures revelling in the magic.

The Montreal-based photographer, who is currently pursuing her Bachelors” degree at McGill University, uses relatively simple techniques of layering, mirroring and filters to achieve her twilit scenes, but the simplicity of the effects makes the subjects stand out all the more. And while her academic focus is in East Asian and Women”s Studies, Ajram”s knack for photography has earned her some high-profile clientele, including musician Grimes.

On her own work, Ajram is as mystical as her photos, and explains, in her unique way, that her photos explore the relationship between the interior and exterior worlds of human perception. “I want to share with you the galaxies projected within and without: absolute space and absolute time,” she says. “I want to share with you the stars contained by the new souls of my race, humanity, in its infancy. Let me show you something electromagnetic. Let me take you to the place where Their dreamscapes and our reality exchange glances. Let me help you remember.”

You can find more of Ajram”s work on her Flickr page, as well as on her Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Via My Modern Met