These photos look like the set of some fantastical movie, created to evoke an otherworldly realm. But no, they”re actually quite real.

After several weeks of snow and ice storms, nature photographer Marko Korosec decided to brave a climb up Mount Javornik, a mountain and popular ski destination in eastern Slovenia. Once there, he found that layers of hard ice known as rime ice had built up on the trees and lookout towers during the storms, and that the wind had created ice spikes up to three feet long bristling out from the surfaces, creating an otherworldly landscape.

Luckily for us, Korosec brought his camera so this amazing, if temporary, phenomenon could be captured.

The trees and other natural features take on an otherworldly appearance.

One of the lookout towers atop Mt. Javornik, coated in rime ice.

Though visually stunning, hard rime ice can cause serious damage to trees, as well as to buildings.

The wind storms facilitated the formation of ice spikes, some measuring up to three feet.

Because of the ice spikes, the landscape appears as though it”s caught in a severe wind.

A selfie with the spectacular ice formations.

We”re glad Korosec decided to trek up the mountain when he did. You can see his other nature photos, including other ice formations, on his website, and keep up with his latest adventures on Facebook.

Via Colossal