Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and is home to many iconic pieces of architecture and art. From cathedrals to beautiful bridges, there”s lots to be seen in this beautiful European city. Then, there are these statues.

For some reason, Brussels is full of statues that are…urinating. Manneken Pis (which translates to “little man pee”) is the most famous, but it doesn”t stop there.

Manneken Pis

<i>Manneken Pis</i>

This statue stand at two feet tall and is the most visited structure in all of Brussels. The famous statue is located at the junction of two streets, close to Grand Place. Some say the statue represents a young boy who urinated on a burning fuse and thus managed to save the city from destruction. Another story revolves around a wealthy merchant who lost his young son and eventually found him happily urinating in a small garden. What draws most people to the statue though isn”t the hilarity that it brings or necessarily the perfection of the structure itself, it is visited because of this…

Its wardrobe.

Its wardrobe.

The statue is dressed in tiny costume several times each week, according to a published schedule which is posted on the railings around the fountain. His wardrobe consists of several hundred different costumes, many of which may be viewed in a permanent exhibition inside the City Museum. What many people don”t realize about this unique statue is that he is not alone. Manneken Pis also has a sister…

Jeanneke Pis

<i>Jeanneke Pis</i>

Jeanneke Pis is Manneken Piss little sister. This is a fairly recent addition to the city, erected in 1987. Jeanneke Pis remains mostly unknown to travelers who do not live in Brussels. The sculpture is now behind iron bars to protect it from vandalism. If you think that is all of the Pis family, you are wrong…

Zinneke Pis

<i>Zinneke Pis</i>

This statue represents the Pis family dog. The bronze sculpture can be found at the corner of Rue des Chartreaux and Rue de Vieux-Marche, lifting his leg and doing his business just like Manneken and Jeanneke. Unlike the other members of his family, though, Zinneke isnt a working fountain. It was erected in 1998.

Talk about Euro-pee-ans, eh? *taps microphone* This thing on?

If you wish to visit these peeing statues, plan a trip to Brussels and ask just about anyone, they”ll point you in the right direction.