yyg9VURSeduction is an art form.

Its like a well-played game of Chess. Its about making the right move, at the right time, in the right way, and unlike creating attraction, you have much more CONTROL over the process.

You have the benefit of laying out a game plan in advance. You have the benefit of being able to strategize each move for maximum effect.

But just like a game of Chess, in order to win, you have to master both the internal and external elements of the game. Because if you dont master the internal elements, you can quickly become your own worst enemy.

I thought Id bring this up now because everything else youre going to learn will be useless if you cant exert some emotional control over yourself. If you want to use emotional and psychological weapons on a girl, then you have to be aware of when these same weapons are affecting YOU.

In fact, even if you have no intention of ever using any of the material Im teaching on a girl, its still important that youre aware of how these weapons affect YOU. Because more than anything THIS is what will cause you to LOSE the game.

Let me ask you something, and I want you to be honest (with yourself)…

Have you ever completely lost it once you started having feelings for a girl?
And found yourself acting needy?
Spending way too much time thinking about her?
Felt jealousy and insecurity every time you werent around her?
Put her on a pedestal and couldnt bring yourself to make your move?
Didnt have the will-power or patience to play the game and showed way too much
interest way too soon?

Come on, I bet you have a specific girl in your mind where you made one or ALL of these mistakes.

These are just a handful of mistakes you might have made because YOU were experiencing psychological and emotional friction. This friction is what causes you to blurt out your feelings at ill-timed moments. Its what causes you to drop everything youre doing the minute she calls. Its what causes you to ALWAYS be available for her (like a loyal little puppy dog).

This friction is exactly what youre going to be creating in her (sneak peak here).

Which means that YOURE gonna use it to get HER sitting by the phone desperately waiting for you to call. To have her fantasizing about getting naked for you and offering you her body. Imagining a future where shes your girlfriend. Even picturing what it would be like to marry you.

What it would be like on your honeymoon banging you all day inside some villa in the Greek Islands.
Seduction is a game of Friction and Release.

Heres an example in practical terms:

Friction occurs when youre waiting for her to text you back. Release occurs when she finally responds. Friction occurs when she breaks plans with you. Release occurs when she apologizes and meets you later that night.

A seduction MUST include both friction and release, because its during the friction that you become drawn more and more into the other person. Its the friction that makes the release more rewarding, and to win the game YOU must be the one more comfortable with the friction.

If I had to name the #1 reason most guys blow it with the girl they really want its because they are not comfortable with the Friction. But by the end of these lessons youre no longer going to fear the friction, youre going to embrace it, and use it to your advantage.

The Scrambler is ultimately a game plan of friction and release, and it will drive her crazy!