looks like400Cheating is as old as marriage. Lots of people do it, few people admit to it. There has been lots of research conducted to try and find commonalities among cheaters. Aside from the expected conclusions, this research has found a lot of weird and blatantly unscientific facts related to infidelity. Here they are:

1. Politics and sex are related

A poll found that 14% of people who identified politically as Democrats (vs. 10% of Republicans) would give a cheating partner a second chance.

2. People are genetically predisposed to cheat

Scientists at Binghamton University discovered that 50% of individuals carrying the DRD4 gene had a higher likelihood of cheating as well as generally being slutty.

3. WHERE did you eat last night?

Extramarital dating site surveyed 43,000 of its American members where they go to eat dinner when cheating Mortons The Steakhouse was the #1 destination for adulterers.

4. Cheaters can break their penises

Dr. Andrew Kramer, a professor at the University of Maryland Medical Center, found that half of the surgeries he performed on men with fractured penises (yes, that exists) were caused by sexual encounters that involved cheating.

5. Facebook counts

In a poll conducted by, 820 of 1,000 people aged 18-34 responded that they considered online flirting to be a form of cheating.

6. Men who cheat get more heart attacks

In addition to penis breakage, cheating men are also more likely to experience sudden coital death when having intercourse with a mistress in a strange setting, found a study done at the University of Florence. Every crime has its punishment.

7. Watch out Wednesday!

Thanks to the previously-cited, supremely classy website,, we also know that Wednesday between 5-7 PM is the most popular time for marital infidelity. Make sure to update your private investigator.

8. Got it from your momma, a British website designed to bring together married cheaters, took a poll of 2,000 members and concluded that 73% of women who admitted to having an affair had mothers who had cheated before them. Bachelors beware!