mr_nice_guy_tshirt-p235065825367743586trlf_400If shes attractive, she receives more than 100 texts a day, many of which come from guys who want her for the same reasons you do: Dates, sex, relationships, fun.

So how do you stand out in her cell phone?

How do you make it, so when she looks at her new messages, she scrolls past all those other guys and goes right to your message and writes back instantly, full of cute, little excitement, wanting to see you?

The most important thing you can do is avoid the giant mistakes most guys make when texting.

This isnt so much about you being good at texting. Its about you NOT f*cking it up over text. Makes sense? The first step to take right now is to ensure you never send this, the #1 worst text to send a girl.

What is it? Hi…:) Have a nice weekend

So why is this the worst text to send a girl?

1. It offers no value to her.

Unless shes already sleeping with this guy, whats her incentive to respond? Anyone who thinks she should respond just because he was being nice, has no understanding of female psychology. No human is ever excited to respond to nice. We respond excitedly to value and status. Next.

2. Creates no intrigue or interest.

A good text message subtly sparks emotion, which intrigues her, excites her and inspires her to respond. This one does none of those things.

3. Every guy is sending her this text.

And shes been ignoring them for just as long! Do you want to fit in and be like every other guy in her phone, or do you want to STAND OUT? Dont you want her to write back right away, excited to hear from you? If yes, then youre going to love how I will reveal exactly how to make her do that in the video below.

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