If not for the metal sticking out of them, you”d swear that Jackie Chaves” jewelry was the real thing. The frosted cupcakes, gooey s”mores, and fancifully decorated cakes are enough to make your mouth water. But we don”t recommend eating them; they”re all handcrafted from polymer clay.

The pieces, which are mind-blowingly impressive when you consider their size and their detail, are created by miniature-making master Jackie Chaves. (Chaves goes by Bon-AppetEats on art-sharing site deviantArt.)

These life-sized cookies look almost too tempting.

These cupcake charms are, well, charming.

“Best Friend” necklaces with a foodie twist.

A collection of holiday-themed minis.

You can see more of Chaves” work on her deviantArt page, as well as on Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook. Her portfolio includes a lot more than just food-centric works.