If masks and taxidermy specimens freak you out, then you might want to stay away from Mothmeister. We honestly suggest facing your fears, though, because the work is pretty incredible.

The boyfriend-and-girlfriend team operating under the name Mothmeister created a universe they call Wounderland (a play on “Wonderland,” obviously). Wounderland is where grotesquely-masked humanoids cavort with quasi-lifelike animals in barren settings. Somewhere between circus sideshow performers and post-apocalyptic mutants, the characters in Mothmeister”s photos wear bizarre combinations of costumes and are at once menacing and familiar.

The concept behind these images is, as they describe, “a reaction against the dominant exhibitionism of the selfie culture and beauty standards marketed by the mass media.”

Besides the masked figures, the photos also feature a variety of animals, each one preserved via taxidermy. The members of Mothmeister are avid collectors of mounted and stuffed animals, and many of the creatures can be found in matching costumes as their living human counterparts. The combination of the masks, the animals, and the costumes recall times past and cultures lost, with the characters piecing together disparate parts to make something new.

(via BoredPanda)

Mothmeister is quite prolific, so keep up with them on Instagram. If you”d like to take one of these images home with you, you can also check out their Etsy shop.