We pass by so many boring, ordinary, and thoroughly uninteresting landmarks in our everyday life. Most of us tune them out, but a group of students in Germany transformed this dull electric tower in their town into an undeniably beautiful work of art. There”s no ignoring this as you ride along the road. The students cut out vibrant pieces of Acrylglas and affixed them all along the tower to create a collage of gorgeous stained glass. The project, titled Leuchtturm (“Lighthouse”), was completed in 2010 at the Klasse Lobbert and it has been brightening up the small town road in Hattingen, Germany ever since. Take a look!

(H/T: Colossal) It”s so simple, but it completely changes your perspective. Feeling inspired? Share with your friends below and see if they wanna tackle any urban artwork projects in your neighborhood!