Falling out of love with a partner can be a confusing and tragic experience. Sometimes, the road is foggy, and you’re not sure if it’s just a passing phase, or if your relationship is truly doomed. You spend all your time trying to go back to the memories that felt so good, but you find it impossible to make new ones with this empty shell of a relationship. Here are some signs that you might be falling out of love.

signs_that_youre_falling_out_of_love_011. Reaching For The Past
You’re constantly trying to compensate for the current emotional emptiness you feel by returning to things that warmed your heart in the peak of the relationship – what make you smile, all the good memories, your past feelings which were abundant with affection and love…;but alas, you’re just grasping for a ghost.
2. Impatience
You start to experience a loss of patience. You’re quicker to react, and less quick to forgive. The criticisms of your partner begin to pile on (whether internal or external), and the wounds that open from fights become a lot slower to heal.

signs_that_youre_falling_out_of_love_023. Decrease In Affection
When you first met each other, you were all about the PDA. You couldn’t take each others hands off one another. But now, the affection has dwindled, and you barely compliment each other any more. You don’t miss their touch, and there’s a lack of sexual fireworks and frequency. The butterflies are gone.
4. Similarly, Decrease In Intimacy
You start to feel like you live on two different planets when you haven’t slept together in a long time. Similarly, you might try to overcompensate with sex since the intimacy is gone, but it doesn’t work, and you’re just not turned on anymore by him.