At 1,036 lb (470 kg), she holds the record for being the largest woman in the world and is one of the heaviest living people in the world yet Mayra Rosales is a changed woman now.

She looks so different from her previous self that people find it hard to think she had been the morbidly obese woman dubbed as the giant killer back in 2008!

Her condition propelled her to the national limelight, especially after she had reportedly killed her nephew. She confessed to have accidentally fallen on the toddler but suffocated him to death because she could not move. She was later acquitted of the crime after investigators discovered it was the childs mother, Mayras sister, who was the real killer.

Mayra was so heavy she could not walk!


Photo credit: Maggies Notebook
Movement is restricted by her huge mass


Photo credit: Lollipop SG
She was dubbed the giant killer


Photo credit: Lollipop SG
She constantly needed assistance…


Photo credit: Lollipop SG
She was pretty but gigantic!


Photo credit: Lollipop SG

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