It seems just about everyone has their own way of peeling a hard-boiled egg.

Some shake ’em up in a container filled with water or just in the pot they boiled them in, but either way, it’s still kind of a slow process.

But according to the chef and sushi master at Windy’s Sukiyaki, that’s because you didn’t start off on the right foot! Check out this unconventional but awesome hard-boiled egg trick.

For starters, you want to bring your eggs to room temperature.

While you’re boiling some water, grab a pushpin.

Take a deep breath and poke a hole in the rounded side of the egg.

Don’t worry, nothing catastrophic happens!

The chef recommends adding some salt to the water. When it reaches a rolling boil, put your eggs in.

Bring the water back to a boil and turn the heat down to low. Put your pot’s top on and let them simmer for six to seven minutes (soft-boiled) or eight to ten minutes (hard-boiled).

As usual, dunk them in an ice bath to let the eggs cool completely.

When you knock the egg on a hard surface, the peel will come right off — no struggle!

(source Windy’s Sukiyaki)

The pushpin makes all the difference, trust us!

So, are you going to try this trick out?