A 25 yr. old man lost his leg this past Friday after being bitten by a 12 foot tiger shark while surfing in Hawaii.


Colin Cook, a surfboard shaper who lives in Kawailoa, Oahu by way of Rhode Island, was surfing at the popular North Shore beach of Leftovers friday morning when a large tiger shark came up from beneath him and bit him on the leg. After a brief struggle, the animal returned to the depths of the sea, but not before taking a piece of Cook with him.

After the shark disappeared, fellow surfers paddled over to Cook to apply a tourniquet using a surfboard leash and help get him to shore. Not to let the gruesome scene go without an instagram post, one of Cooks friends snapped a picture of the bloody stump and sent it out for the world to see.

Heres what that looks like….

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Cook was taken to a local hospital where he was eventually stabilized, though he did have what was left of his lower leg amputated. A GoFundMe account has been set up by Cooks family and friends to help pay for medical bills, physical therapy, and the eventual purchase of a prosthetic leg.