Tony Lee went for a swim In October, what he didnt know before heading into the warm waters of Lanikai on Oahu, was that his life was about to change forever.


Just out of nowhere, I felt a yank on my legs and that was surprising. I looked back, and thats when I saw the shark, and I couldnt believe it, said Lee. He was a big guy and he had both my legs in his mouth,

That is an understatement. The estimated 15 Tiger Shark pulled him underwater repeatedly as Lee tried to free himself from the attacking animal.


I had goggles on, so I could see things really clearly, and I kept thinking that if I just kept punching him he would let me go, said Lee. He pulled me down one last time, so I just reached out and put my finger in his eye and pulled out his eyeball. And so he let go. So I got to the surface. I was holding his eyeball. So I let it go and was treading water.

Lee was now free from the attacking Tiger shark but was pouring pints of blood from his mangled legs. He screamed to a friend who was in the water about 50 yards away. He was literally yelling for someone to save his life.

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I could feel the blood leaving my body, and there was a big trail. And the kayakers told me they saw a big blood slick going back, said Lee. Lucky for him two people on a one-man canoes heard his screams. One man tied a tourniquet and rushed him to shore with his son not far behind with the other swimmer.

Lee made it to shore with not 5 minutes to spare or he would have bled out from his wounds. Lee lost one foot and had surgery that saved the other. Lee is now well on the way to recovery and has started to swim once again.