You’ve probably all seen “A Second Chance”. After all, that movie did cause quite an uproar of emotion from the fans. It’s fair to say, the movie itself has been an emotional rollercoaster for both Popoy and Basha and the viewers, and there’s a few things we can all take away from it. Especially those of us who are dealing with some problems in our relationship or in our marriage. So let’s see what relationship lessons we learned from “A Second Chance”.

This movie brought up the issue of trust a number of times. It brilliantly dealt with the issue of trusting your significant other to make the right decision, it also brought up the question of betrayal of trust and how to move past that, how to learn to trust again. All of these thing hit quite close to home, don’t they?
A lot of couples deal with trust issues. Some of us just never learned to trust someone and others got betrayed and made a decision to never trust anyone again. The thing is, you have to learn to trust your partner. Trust really is the most important thing in a relationship, and we all have to learn to be vulnerable sometimes and just trust our partner and they have to do the same. If there’s no trust in the relationship, that relationship is doomed.