You could say that Evgeny Litvinenko created an entire world. That”s because he has. His creation includes a mystical planet inhabited by highly intelligent life forms. Litvinenko”s world is one with a complex history detailing the rise and fall of civilizations and all manner of incredible creatures.

Litvinenko, who hails from Russia and goes by the moniker “hontor” on deviantArt, draws inspiration from both the natural and fantasy worlds for his creatures. These beasts range from guinea pigs to dragons, and have heritages that include both ancient traditions and Disney films.

Some, like this cat, are naturalistic animals with some fantastical details.

Others, like this Capricorn, are based in pure fantasy.

And let”s not forget the Bewilderbeast from How to Train Your Dragon 2. This was a collaboration with Olga Karhu.

Details like feathers, scales, and spirals are added in by hand.

The intricate patterns on the animals” bodies are pressed in using a mold, and later embellished by hand.

Even wiener dogs get a totem.

Each creature is also embellished with swirling, geometric forms that evoke ancient artwork. In fact, Litvinenko describes a lot of his pieces as “totems,” suggesting a mythical association. The designs are pressed into the wet clay using a patterned “brush” made from silicone, and then embellished further by hand. The creatures are made from colored clay and painted for added detail.

In addition to creating the clay creatures, Litvinenko, in a testament to his limitless imagination, also created the universe they inhabit. You can find this world on his deviantArt page. If you”d like a creature for yourself, you can purchase one on his Etsy shop.