It may sound unbelievable and ridiculous but yes, its true. There is a town in Nebraska with a population of one.

Monowi is an officially recognized town in the United States and its sole resident is a 70-something woman named Elsie Eiler. She works as the towns mayor, librarian, and bartender at the same time.

Everyone who gets the chance to hear about Monowi asks the same questions Where is everyone? And where is Elsies family? Plus, how do you exactly run a one-woman town?

Well first off, Monowi was founded in 1902 and its name was derived from the Native American word that means flower. Back in the 1930s, the farming town had a population of merely 150 but eventually, most of the young residents left the place to pursue greener pastures.

Elsies husband Rudy passed away in 2004 while their children have already moved to other cities prior to that. And so, Elsie was left as the last resident of the town.

Upon approaching the town, travelers are welcomed by a road sign that proudly declares the number of its resident.


Photo credit: MessyNessyChic
Elsie Eiler is the lone resident in this little Nebraska town.


Photo credit: AmazFacts
Since she is the Mayor, Elsie prepares municipal road plan each year to obtain funding for the towns street lights.


Photo credit: MessyNessyChic
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