A London lad ridiculed at school for being geeky has had the last laugh after being crowned The Worlds No.1 Pick Up Artist.

Adam Lyons turned his life around before winning top prize at The World Pick Up summit in Hollywood, California.

The former estate agent has bedded more than 500 beautiful women including celebrities and supermodels.

He spent a year becoming a seduction expert and now earns a living teaching hapless fellas how to do it.

The Obsession Formula is his low risk, high reward solution for taking a woman from uninterested, thinking shes out of your league or that youre just a friend, to becoming sexually obsessed with you and only you.

Incorporating a variety of unique techniques and methods, Adam Lyons Obsession Formula teaches you how to insert subtle words and phrases into your conversations to make women aroused and obsessed…on command.

Adam Lyons regularly appears on sites like FOX, The Sun, NBC, The New York Post, Ask Men, and CNN.

This is a man who lives with TWO girlfriends…

So if you want to learn from the best, you can start by watching the Youtube video below:



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