bi-quyet-thanh-cong-01I want to tell you all about undoubtedly two of the WORST texts of all time.

1. Are you mad at me?
2. Are you ignoring me?

If a girl hasnt responded to one of your texts and you send her either of these, youve just dug your own grave. Because your chance with her is just about DEAD.

Heres the danger in those texts: You come across as insecure, needy, clingy, and repulsive just about everywhere. Both of those texts hand her the power on a silver platter, and once shes holding the power, her attraction for you begins to plummet.

Now, before I go, I also want to show you our #1 sequence of texts you can use to snatch the power right out of her hands. This simple key lock sequence is designed to:

* Get her anticipating your texts
* Increase her desire to see you
* Make her horny and excited for you
* Create a connection

Even better, you can do all this with just 3 simple texts, and it works like gangbusters.

==> Send her these 3 texts (gets her obsessed with you)

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