Like a scene from the 1960s horror movie classic Village of the Damned, the residents of two remote towns in northern Kazakhstan would suddenly fall in deep slumber regardless of the time of day. Without warning, men, women, children, and even their pets would drop down and remain in a coma-like state for at least six days at a time. People say it has no cure.

Approximately 140 townsfolk from Kalachi and Krasnogorsk suffered from this mysterious illness.

Kalachi was labelled by the media as the Village of the Damned


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Krasnogorsk turned somewhat into a ghost town when only 130 out of its 6,500 original residents remained in the town.


Photo credit: Siberian Times

In 2014, Komsomolskaya Pravda, a local Russian newspaper stated:

The sick person appears to be conscious and can even walk. But all the same he then falls into a deep sleep and snores, and when they wake him up … the person remembers absolutely nothing.


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The newspaper also reported that the children usually experience nightmarish hallucinations. They said they see worms eat their hands, and their mothers grow eyes on their foreheads. They claim to see winged horses and snakes under their beds as well.


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Some people start to behave strangely when they awake; they say timid adults suddenly started ranting and calling the nurses whores or prostitutes.

Others suffer from headaches and memory loss after waking up


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Strangely, men who wake up from their 6-day sleep feel an intense craving for sex. A nurse who described a male patient who had just awakened claimed that the man still couldnt eat properly let alone walk, but he was all over his wife. He really needed it.


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The urge lasts for one month, thus causing significant problems in both men and women. This, and all the other side effects they have experienced drove them to demand an explanation and a cure from their government. The Kazakh government has been spending $10 million for this mysterious illness. They have also built apartments to relocate the residents, but the cause of the illness remained unknown.

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