safe_imageSeveral years ago, after many nights spent not knowing what to say or do to make hot girls want me, I discovered an ancient attraction formula.

Its like when they discovered Vitamin C cured scurvy. The only difference is this equation cures ALL attraction issues, and it does it instantly.

The equation I discovered was this:

F + C = Sexual Attraction

Thats F for Fun/Playful and C for Challenging.

When you combine a fun/playful attitude while at the same time being a CHALLENGE for a female, she feels attraction for you. Instantly. Involuntarily and even chemically! (This equation triggers a release of dopamine and serotonin in her brain at the same time!)

Most guys think they know how to be fun/playful, but they dont because theres a right way to do it and a wrong way. The wrong way is making fun of themselves to get a laugh. This low-status behavior begs women to zip their vaginas shut (and a man doesnt beg a woman for anything, ever).

The girl may even laugh at this behavior, but shes really thinking about that other guy over there who she cant seem to figure out because he keeps teasing her and leaning back like hes not interested but then he also asks her interesting, personal questions, which makes her a little confused…

She cant quite figure it out! This is ideal for attraction!

And when I tell most guys they need to be a CHALLENGE, they dont talk to the girl at all. WRONG! So youre going to get the girl by not talking to her at all? Good luck chuck!

Being a challenge is an ART, something youll start to figure out now that your brain is aware to the attitude it must display. Heres my general attitude when Im attracting a girl:

Well what do we have here…This little girl has no idea what kind of charming asshole she just met and how irresistible shes going to find my unique brand of teasing, sarcasm and pushing her away, mixed in with my piercing eye contact, deep, attentive insights and total, raw, blunt, playful, self-entertaining conversational freedom. Im going to make her earn it, give her a little, then take it away and make her earn it even more and only then when she really begins to prove herself, is the deeper, real conversation going to begin.

Sometimes youre interested, sometimes you hold back and play it cool. Sometimes its all about the vibe between you and her, other times its about letting her see you hit it off with other girls.

Use These Playfully Challenging Techniques Today! They are exact tools and tactics for being the right kind of playful and challenging, the kind that instantly makes her wetter than Seattle.

Heres a quick list:

See if you can figure out how each of these are playful and challenging to her…

Playfully teasing her:

Example: Did you shrink? You look shorter tonight.

Playfully teasing other things or people with her:

Example : Look at this guy with the platform shoes on. What do you think his internal dialogue goes was when he was getting ready for the night? I bet it was like, Fvck, I look so awesome in these gangster platform shoes right now, Im gonna get laid so hard tonight.

Playfully Disqualifying: This is where you come up with fake or silly reasons why you guys couldnt be together. Its completely counter-intuitive, and works almost every time.

Example: Wait, you take how many selfies a day? And youre proud of that? Ha. I could never date a selfie-girl…theyre always boring in bed.

You can also use this indirectly, by trying to set her up with other guys. This is one of my all-time favorites, I use it with stuck-up girls almost exclusively.

Example: I cant believe someone as interesting as you is single. Crazy. Here, were gonna do something about this right now, come on, lets find you a boyfriend.

And then Ill lead her around the bar or club, pointing out all the guys she should be dating (of course, I only point out the nerdy looking dudes cuz its way funnier that way).

Challenging her to a game:

You play with her the whole way through. Remember, you dont need anything crazy intricate here. For example, as many of you know, I write from my bed, first thing in the morning, before I do anything else. But since Im just so irresistibly charming and not at all self-obsessed, theres often a girl here in bed with me as I write you.

Like right now. Theres a girl here. And right before I started writing, we were laying down together, and I raised her arm up as far as it could go…Then I raised mine, which is probably a foot longer, and I said: Here, touch my hand.

Every time she raised up to try and touch it, I moved higher. She jumped for it, I moved it underneath the pillow. She lunged there, I raised it back up. By this time, shes giggling uncontrollably and feeling INTENSE ATTRACTION for me at the same time. Because Im challenging her in this playful, light game.

You know this, you get this, youve always known this.

I could do the same thing at a baseball game with a girl, and nonchalantly challenge her to try and drink a water bottle as fast as me. Or at a bar, to see who can get a phone number from someone faster.

In Make Women Want You, I share a list of my favorite and most effective games to play with girls. Actually, I share everything in there but were not quite done yet here. The reason all of those techniques above work so damn well is because they all combine being playful with being challenging to her, and again:

F + C = Sexual Attraction

When you combine both of those together with her, she cannot help it. On an involuntary, chemical level, she begins to feel attraction (and now, she feels it for you). This is why youve been so successful in attracting the girls you didnt want, but could never get the ones you really wanted…

With the ones you didnt want, you kept it light and playful and of course you were a challenge to them because you didnt actually want them. They could feel that, and couldnt help but feel attraction for you in return. But now that you understand how female attraction works, I want you to be able to get every girl you want!

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