There has been a nonstop influx of new bacon recipes thanks to an Internet-wide craze for the crispy, salty meat product. Each recipe seems crazier than the last, with inventive and inane ways to use everyone”s favorite meat. Some of these recipes seem doable, while some seem barely edible.

We”ve compiled a list of some bacon recipes that you can actually make and eat without immediately wanting to die afterwards, and they require no weaving of any sort. There are recipes here for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert. Click the links in the captions for the full recipes, and get to baconing!

1. Bacon and eggs breakfast panini

Bacon and eggs breakfast panini

Your favorite breakfast in a handy sandwich.

2. More bacon and egg sandwiches

More bacon and egg sandwiches

These breakfast sandwiches get even fancier by including blue cheese, and are served on a biscuit instead of plain old bread.

3. An open-face breakfast sandwich

An open-face breakfast sandwich

Sandwiches are the best, and these are perfect for popping into your mouth. These sandwich bites also include everyone”s other favorite ingredient, avocado.

4. Breakfast quesadilla

Breakfast quesadilla

If you”d like something with less bread and more cheese, try this alternative to the breakfast sandwich.

5. Egg muffins with bacon

Egg muffins with bacon

This take on the muffin is paleo, which is what you”ll keep telling yourself as you cram 50 of these into your face.

6. Bacon quiche tarts

Bacon quiche tarts

Better than a muffin, these mini quiches are a savory cup of goodness.

7. Omelet garlic bread with cheese and bacon

Omelet garlic bread with cheese and bacon

It has garlic, eggs, cheese, and bacon, so it”s pretty much the best thing ever.

8. Egg nests with bacon and avocado

Egg nests with bacon and avocado

Well, eggs come in a nest in the wild, right? These are made from hash browns and topped with bacon.

9. Bacon egg muffin cups

Bacon egg muffin cups

These cute little bites use the same principle as the hash brown nests, but skip the starch and just use bacon as the container.

10. Avocado bacon and eggs

Avocado bacon and eggs

These avocados are baked with an egg inside, and later topped with cheese and bacon.

11. Skillet potatoes with bacon

Skillet potatoes with bacon

Like hash browns, this breakfast recipe is all cooked in one pan, but uses potatoes and cheese instead of hash browns. Recipes like this are great for adding all kinds of things, so experiment!

12. Bacon and corn pancakes

Bacon and corn pancakes

If you”re looking for something more substantial than the average pancake, this is a hefty and savory alternative.

13. Crabcake eggs Benedict with bacon hollandaise

Crabcake eggs Benedict with bacon hollandaise

This fancy breakfast is a bit of work, but it”s totally worth it.

14. Apple bacon grilled cheese

Apple bacon grilled cheese

The apples in this sandwich lend a perfect hint of juicy sweetness amid rich bacon and cheese.

15. Bacon, squash, and parmesan fritters

Bacon, squash, and parmesan fritters

Spaghetti squash makes these fritters carb-free, which is obviously your concern when you”re eating this much bacon.

16. Bacon-wrapped sushi

Bacon-wrapped sushi

Seaweed not your thing? What”s wrong with you Try bacon! This take on sushi uses ingredients that pair well with bacon.

17. Pan-fried potatoes and bacon

Pan-fried potatoes and bacon

Bacon doesn”t have to be limited to breakfast, as this dinner dish with fingerling potatoes proves.

18. Bacon and cheese pull-aparts

Bacon and cheese pull-aparts

As their name suggests, these cheesy, bacony biscuits are made to be ripped apart like they”re a wildebeest and you”re a hungry pride of lions.

19. Bacon, egg, and cheese ring

Bacon, egg, and cheese ring

Food in rings usually scares us, but this one, made from crescent rolls and stuffed with brunch favorites, is an exception.

20. Bacon and jam mini monkey breads

Bacon and jam mini monkey breads

Yeah, we didn”t know what monkey bread was, either, but this recipe has bacon in it, so we don”t care.

21. Bacon cinnamon rolls

Bacon cinnamon rolls

These are a snap to make if you”re using the kind that come in a tin. Simply unroll them, insert bacon, reroll, and bake. Icing is optional.

22. Bacon caramel donuts

Bacon caramel donuts

You can make these sweet and salty treats yourself and be the envy of everyone.

23. Bacon and Nutella French toast

Bacon and Nutella French toast

This French toast is not for the faint of heart, as it”s full of chocolate and bacon.

24. Maple buttercream cupcakes with bacon sprinkles

Maple buttercream cupcakes with bacon sprinkles

By now, we know that sweet and salty is a winning combination, and this recipe sees the flavors combine into a perfect cupcake.

25. Bacon French toast muffins

Bacon French toast muffins

For something on the sweeter side, these mapley muffins are a perfect balance of sweet and salty.

26. Bacon jam

Bacon jam

What do you do about the times when you (gasp!) don”t have bacon? You fill the void by keeping some bacon jam on hand.

Some of these recipes might take a little time and planning, but they”re worth it. Because bacon, right?