It would be pretty incredible to have an old-fashioned library in your home, full of dusty, forgotten volumes, cabinets full of bizarre items from far-off lands and maybe even a little creepy thrill. But that all might not exactly be practical in this day and age. For one thing, libraries are heavy with all those books and shelves. Not only that but velvet curtains, while perfect for brooding over a Gothic novel on a dark and stormy night, are kind of a pain to clean.

The complete library, with curtains, oddities and a mini bust of Queen Victoria

Luckily, there”s a solution for those of us who would love a Victorian-era library but still have to save room and money. Meet Lauren Delaney, crafter and miniature maker extraordinaire. She goes buy L. Delaney on her Etsy page, which is loaded with all the makings of a miniature library. Each book and item is separate, and can be arranged in any way. The entire thing is available for purchase, or you can buy the empty shelf and fill it however you like. After all, if you can”t brood in a dimly lit library among dusty tomes in human scale, you can always appreciated it as a miniature.

With a penny for scale, this tiny edition of Moby Dick is pretty impressive.

A mini curio cabinet full of pottery.

Delaney even reproduced old photos on a miniature scale.

Tiny issues of Vogue with vintage covers.

Historic photos of 19th-century celebrities.

There”s even sheet music for the musically inclined.

The music section is complete with a mini gramophone and harp.

These old books have the perfect amount of wear.

Tiny shells are catalogued neatly.

The shelves are full of tiny classics.

This book has a secret compartment. Perfect for miniature capers.

The shelves come with a ladder so even the tiniest of tiny people can reach the top shelves.

While a mini library might not be something everyone needs in their lives, you can still marvel at Delaney”s mastery of creating these meticulous miniatures. Each book has a faithfully reproduced cover, and some open to reveal tiny pages. Besides books, there are also curiosities, magazines, photos, pieces of artwork and, of course, the furniture, which includes shelves, curtains and even a tiny ladder.

There”s a lot more to see on Delaney”s Etsy page, including dollhouse and miniature items for other rooms as well.