Spanish street artist Pejac, whose work includes trompe l”oeil images and daring silhouettes, returns with a new series of public art in cities around Europe. Instead of simply being an image on a wall, the artwork is site-specific. The location-based works relate to their environment in a clever way that lets viewers see their surroundings as something other than expected. Pejac”s work also incorporates social commentary about the state of the world and society.

Curtains, Valencia

Phiedra, Madrid

Stain, Santander

Canvas, unknown city

Dust, Santander

Hidden Face, unknown city

Dactilar, Santander

Working on Esparcepajaros, Salamanca

Hilandera, Salamanca

My Only Flag, in progress, Moscow

Pejac”s work is characterized by the combination of familiar images and objects in an unexpected way. With this creative approach, a drainage ditch becomes a pessimistic metaphor, and the rings of a tree become as personal as a fingerprint. Pejac”s art makes social statements, but the messages never come across as overpowering, and the delicacy and skill of his artistry makes them visually pleasing.

You can see more of Pejac”s projects, including both street art and gallery work, on his website. Be sure to also follow him on Facebook and Instagram.