It”s always been a trend to recreate classic, iconic Disney characters in a variety of new ways. Artists everywhere have reimagined these characters as Halloween costumes, to fighting zombies, to being hipsters, to…this. All of this reimagining can get a little old after a while, though occasionally, someone comes along and makes us appreciate the tradition all over again.

Korean illustrator Na Young Wooh created a series where Western fairytale characters are given a redo that imagines them in a classical Korean setting. Some take their cues from their Disney representations. For others, Wooh takes a bit more liberty. Some, like The Wild Swans, have no Disney equivalent (yet), and are purely sprung from Wooh”s imagination.

Alice in Wonderland

<i>Alice in Wonderland</i>

Little Red Riding Hood

<i>Little Red Riding Hood</i>

The Little Mermaid

<i>The Little Mermaid</i>

The Snow Queen

<i>The Snow Queen</i>

The Wild Swans

<i>The Wild Swans</i>

The Princess and the Frog

<i>The Princess and the Frog</i>

Beauty and the Beast

<i>Beauty and the Beast</i>

Snow White

<i>Snow White</i>

The images incorporate traditional Korean dress and style, such as the hanbok for the women. However, they also take stylistic cues from modern cartoon illustration, known in Korea as manhwa.

Wooh, who goes online by the name Obsidian, produces quite a bit of work. If you”d like to see more, you can check out her blog and her Twitter account.

(via BoredPanda)