Street signs and railroad tracks usually aren”t objects we stop and stare at, but with some clever thinking, one man was able to completely transform them. Street artist Fra.Biancoshock takes these commonplace items and turns them into ready-made, incredible works of art. He is a student of Ephemeralism, which is a form of art that is completely temporary, and uses objects that already exist. The resulting art is both surreal and ordinary, and quite frankly may leave you with your jaw hanging open. Who knew something so ordinary could be so cool?

“It is based on the impermanence of an experience that demands to be carved into the observers mind, even though it is no longer visible,” according to Fra.Biancoshock. To see more of this awesome art, check Fra.Biancoshock”s website. He has created hundreds of pieces in the streets of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Malaysia and Singapore. And he is going to keep working. I think it”s awesome. Source: Fra.Biancoshock via Bored Panda Share this strange, yet incredible, art with others. Click the button below to share it!