We know how much you love tiny homes. It”s hard not to love those wee little dwellings, many on wheels, that look like shrunken-down regular houses. After all, they reduce space, waste, and consumption, making living incredibly efficient and helpful to the environment.

Today, we”re going on a tour of the adorable and quirky Ravenlore, a tiny home with Victorian detailing and a pop of color. Ravenlore belongs to Nicki Jo Davis, and features all the amenities of a regular-sized home at a fraction of the space.

(via YouTube/Tiny House Giant Journey)

The tour covers all the basics of this tiny house. Though only 22 feet long and eight feet wide, the Ravenlore is surprisingly luxurious. It features a spacious bathroom (relatively speaking), lots of hidden-away storage, air conditioning, and even a washing machine. It also has solar panels for a reduced footprint.

The Ravenlore”s solar panels provide it with extra power at no cost and no footprint. The rest of the power is generated by propane.

Tiny House Giant Journey host Jenna (left) and Nicki in the living area. Nicki hasn”t moved in yet, hence the lack of furniture.

It has a surprisingly huge kitchen. The door behind Nicki leads to the bathroom, which has a full shower and incinerating toilet.

The woodwork and details are incredible, with dormers and a peaked ceiling for added space. There”s even a tiny chandelier!

The Ravenlore is certainly a top contender in tiny houses–although tiny houses are all pretty fantastic. It”s almost enough to make you consider getting one yourself. If you want to see more tiny houses, you can check out the rest of the tours on Jenna”s YouTube channel.