Jose de Diego Middle School in Miami”s Wynwood neighborhood just got an amazing addition. It now features an art piece created by Puerto Rican street artist Bikismo for the Re-Imagining the Arts in Wynwood (RAW) Project. This program would provide funding for the school”s arts and music departments, which was lacking in past years due to budgeting issues. The RAW Project seeks to bring together local businesses, non-profits, organizations, artists, and musicians to bring awareness and fundraising to the school”s arts department.

For his part, Bikismo created a huge, metallic-looking image of a dog in the playful “bowing” position. It looks like it”s made from highly polished chrome, and even features the reflections of the surrounding buildings distorted over the curved surface of the dog”s body. And the most impressive thing? It”s a painting, created entirely with spray paint. It took him four days to complete, which is impressive when you consider the size and the complexity of the image.

Bikismo beginning the project. Each area of color was carefully mapped out, and will then be filled in.

The surface of the dog”s body includes reflections of the surrounding neighborhood.

A close-up of the “reflections.”

The completed project.

Aside from providing funding for the middle school”s arts department, the RAW Project will also provide murals like Bikismo”s to decorate the school”s outer walls. The project”s founders hope that not only will the murals provide inspiration for the students, but they”ll also add to the visual beauty of the neighborhood.

You can see more of Bikismo”s work, including other murals, on his Instagram page.

(Via Twisted Sifter)