Sometimes, you just have to get away from it alllike, really get awaybut perhaps the thought of roughing it in the wilderness without modern conveniences isn”t your thing. That”s why the House in the Sea could be your ultimate vacation destination, at least in your dreams.

The house is perched atop a tiny island (which is more like a big boulder) off the English coast at Newquay, Cornwall. The house is only accessible via footbridge from the next island. Once you”re across the bridge, you”re cocooned from the rest of the world on your island fortress, serving as ruler of all you survey. The house is available to rent for summers and for long weekends. As you might imagine, it is not cheap, but we can dream, right?

Though you”re on an island, the town of Newquay is accessible by boat.

Inside, the house is fully furnished with all the necessities, and includes enclosed gardens, sunny decks, and a full bar. The house can hold up to four people, although if you”re going to have this level of isolation, be sure you pick the right company. It”s also got all the modern conveniences, so while you might be isolated on this tiny pebble in the ocean, you can still watch TV.

For an extra dreamy vacation, you can even order catering services, where baskets of food and drink are delivered directly to the house. In-house spa treatments can be ordered, too. Naturally, this would make your vacation cost even more, but we”re having a fantasy here. You might as well dream big.

(via MessyNessyChic)

As the weather warms up, you now have a new fantasy location to daydream about while you go about your errands.

The House in the Sea is pricey, but that hasn”t stopped it from being booked through January of 2016. In the meantime, you can continue to drool over it on the official website.