We can”t all live in mansions or penthouse suites, but that doesn”t mean you have to live up to your necks in your own stuff. Thankfully, if you use these products, you can truly make the most of what little space you have. These space-saving items are extremely useful, but they”re beautiful, too!

You”ll be amazed when you see what you can do with space that”s normally wasted.

1. Stair Drawers

Stair Drawers

2. Sofa Bunk Beds

Sofa Bunk Beds

3. Painting Storage

Painting Storage

4. Fold-Up Table

Fold-Up Table

5. Litter Box Table

Litter Box Table

6. Ironing Board Mirror

Ironing Board Mirror

7. Roll-Up Dish Rack

Roll-Up Dish Rack

8. Single-Slice Toaster

Single-Slice Toaster

9. Cat Hammock

Cat Hammock

10. Dog Water Bowl Drawer

Dog Water Bowl Drawer

11. Speaker Light Bulb

Speaker Light Bulb

12. Chairs That Fit Into Shelves

Chairs That Fit Into Shelves

13. Bookcase Staircase

Bookcase Staircase

14. Chairs That Fit Into Table

Chairs That Fit Into Table

15. Open And Close Grill

Open And Close Grill

16. Shelf Chair

Shelf Chair

17. Storage Under The Stairs

Storage Under The Stairs

18. Fold-Up Picture Table

Fold-Up Picture Table

19. Knives Within Knives

Knives Within Knives

20. Toilet Sink

Toilet Sink

(via BoredPanda, BuzzFeed)

Some of these are so cool, I forgot that they”re also practical. Each and every one of these belong in my apartment (even if the toilet sink seems a little shady).