Ah yes, the local convenience store. The lovely (and probably only) place within walking distance of your home that you can run to for a six-pack of beer or waddle to for a single roll of toilet paper. At any time, day or night, theyve got all of the essentials ready for you to purchase. Do you NEED inexpensive pastries and religious candles? maybe not, but convenience stores have them in stock.

This East London shop is quite a bit different from most, and not just because they call the chips crisps. In her exhibition The Corner Shop, British artist Lucy Sparrow took a convenience store and stocked it with its typical inventory, only the products Sparrow put on the shelves were … a little different.

There”s something different about the “The Corner Shop.”


Lucy Sparrow working the register of her own exhibit.

That”s because all of her items are stuffed and hand-stitched.


It may not be actual beer, but I”ll bet it still goes down smooth.

It may not be actual beer, but I

The amount of detail each item has is mind-boggling.

The amount of detail each item has is mind-boggling.

If I didn”t know any better, I”d say she made those names up.

If I didn

Even the magazines are handmade.

Even the magazines are handmade.

No, they”re not cold, but at least they”re not melted.

No, they



(via Colossal)

Lucy converted this abandoned corner shop in Bethnal Green into a temporary art exhibit so she could feature her 4,000 hand-sewn felt products. The entire process took her 7 months to complete… and it all started with a simple Kickstarter campaign.

“During the month-long installation The Cornershop will be visited by both local passers-by and art audiences, once inside the shop they can not only view the products, but can handle, and even buy them. They will also be able to watch live-sewing events, participate in workshops and can even be drawn into improvised performance works that make them reflect on our taken-for granted shopping behaviours.”

To learn more about Lucy”s work, please visit her website, Sew Your Soul. Or, you can visit her Facebook page.

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