I was at the store a couple of weeks ago when I noticed a very small, weak elderly man browsing as well. He must”ve been at least 90, maybe older. A minute later, a couple of teenage girls walking past were looking his direction and laughing. Fortunately, he didn”t see or hear them, and I can”t say for sure if they were even mocking him… but it reminded me of society”s perception of the very elderly. You hear it all the time: Ew. Gross. They smell. Disgusting.

So that”s what prompted me to do this post. I started searching for information on the elderly because all of us – God willing – will be there, if we aren”t already. What I discovered is not extremely depressed, sad people waiting on death. I found smiles and lots of them, thanks to the book Happy At Hundred.

These 11 photos each show someone at exactly 100 years old. I don”t know what you think, but I see nothing “gross” about this. I see inspiration and beauty.

Photographer Karsten Thormaehlen photographed more than 40 centenarians between 2006 and 2012. When asked what the secret is, unfortunately there was no magical common answer that will allow all of us to live to 100. But generally speaking, it”s a good attitude, a health diet, and a positive attitude. Although at least one of these people cited “an occasional glass of whiskey” too. Not so sure about that one though. 🙂 & Happy At Hundred Book