imageFor something that should seem simple, it was only recently that I realized what it takes to make girls laugh.

For the longest time, I thought girls would be attracted to the same types of jokes and humor that my guy friends are into.

They would love the sarcastic wit and cleverness that my guy friends always seemed to enjoy. Comedy is universal after all, right?


While girls were ignoring my attempts at humor, I was constantly watching friends who were not witty at all, landing girls from every side. What was it? What did I need to do to make women laugh? What do women find funny?

I picked up a book about four years ago that had some great ideas in it about how to make women laugh. Among them was that women like a guy whos cocky and funny. This made sense, women were always going for the bad guy, right? So I thought Id give it a try.

When I would go out, trying to make women laugh, immediately Id start being sarcastic and ironic, almost bullying the women. While some women were immediately against that kind of humor, I was getting a few positive reactions so I went with it.

Wrong move.

I found out that the women who I was getting the positive reactions from were, lets say, the tomboys of the group. The more masculine girls out there, probably the ones who have been hanging out with their own brothers and father more than they were with their sisters and mother.

Not bad overall, but a small minority of the women out there. In other words, while I was a hit among this small section of women, I was leaving a large group of girls, the ordinary girls, out there.

One day I decided to spend an entire night watching my friend Will interact with girls. Will wasnt what Id call hilarious, but he always had girls around him and were having a fun time. While the girls werent in stitches, he was still getting his fair share of ladies on a constant basis. And he was using nothing but fun times, not cleverly worded punches or one-liners.

And then it hit me: Girls dont want funny, they want fun! Just like the Cyndi Lauper song!

Will was having all sorts of fun with these girls. Whether it was just telling them knock-knock jokes or tickling them, he was like a kid on the schoolyard out there. And thats what I realized: I needed to be a school kid out there. Women dont care about cleverness, they just want to have fun. They dont want dark, indie movie. They want romantic comedy.

Instead of pretending to be all sophisticated and cool with your dark humor, take the stick out of your ass and just have a fun time. Thats all women want, someone to have fun with.

So when youre out there, remember: Fun, not funny.

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