coupleDo you ever wish there was a way that you could put the spark back into your marriage? Do you know that there are millions of people around the world who are headed for divorce because their marriages have become completely sexless? Well, there is another way: Ashley Madison. Before I tell you about how Ashley Madison makes it possible for you to have the safe and discreet affair that can save your marriage, let me tell you a little story about a guy that I used to know, the guy who thought he could get away with it.

It started off innocently enough. They met at work. He knew her for a while before they started talking to each other. They had been messaging back and forth on Facebook for a couple of months before anything really happened. It was just a little flirting to begin with. She started. She said she wasnt getting along with her husband. And he had to be honest, he was having his own problems at home. With his wife. In the bedroom. Technically, the problem was his wife not being in the bedroom. He was afraid to admit it, but he finally put it out there. He wasnt getting enough sex at home.

And she said she could give it to him. They decided to hook up.

It was good. It was really good. It was probably the hottest sex either of them ever had, because it was the sex everyone told them was wrong. That one hook up turned into another, and pretty soon it turned into an affair. And just as quickly as it all started, it suddenly fell apart, but it all could have been avoided if they had just been a little bit more careful.

Between all the phone calls, text messages, emails, sexts they had sent each other, it was only a matter of time before somebody figured out what was going on. It was his wife who caught them. He wasnt sure how she found out, exactly. Maybe she picked up his phone when he was in the shower one day, or maybe she glanced through his inbox while his computer was open. However she first caught on he was having an affair, she found everything out. And boy oh boy, did she did nail him… She didnt just throw the first thing she found in his face and walked out on him. She collected and copied every single piece of evidence she could find over the course of a few weeks. When she lawyered up and asked for a divorce, she had an airtight case. He lost everything in the divorce. If he had been more careful or met someone using Ashley Madison, he wouldnt have lost everything. With Ashley Madison he could have had his affair and still made his marriage work.


Ashley Madison is the online dating site made specifically for married people who are looking to have discreet affairs. The key to how the site works is that many of the users are also married people who are looking to hook up and not get caught. Theres less risk in both parties knowing how much there is to lose. And even though the site has millions of users on it, its safe, with many features built in and a culture structured around protecting your privacy. Whats best of all is that youll find tons of hot women who are as ready as you are to fill what is missing in their lives by having a discreet affair.

People have complained that Ashley Madison has a lot of fake profiles on it set up to scam you, so when you use the site remember this is still the internet we are talking about here. If you follow our simple guidelines, you will be able to weed out the fake profiles easily. Once youre on the site for a little while, youll be able to spot the quality profiles and the ones you should flat out ignore. Profiles you should stay away from are all the same: they do exactly what people who are looking for discreet sex outside of their marriages would never do. Stay away from the profiles that…

1. Have an actual photo for the whole world to see. Any real married woman seeking a fling would be discreet. So one that posts her face publicly is most probably a fake profile.

2. Dont have any photos listed in their Private Showcase. None. Someone who doesnt have any private pictures to share with a potential date is either a scammer or just not serious.

3. Dont have any description of themselves in their own words. Whenever people sign up for the site, they fill out the form about themselves and say what kind of people theyre interested in. If her profile is full of weird quotes you know dont belong to her, she probably isnt for real.

Simply DO NOT pursue and spend credits on any profile listed above and you will get great results from the site. Its the same kind of stuff that you should keep in mind when youre creating your own profile.

And remember, just because you put yourself out there doesnt mean youre going to get responses. Its up to you to make yourself sound like the right kind of guy a married woman would feel safe stepping out with. Ashley Madison has millions of female members, but there are obviously more men on the site so you need to put in some effort to get results.

To be safe, follow these top tips:

1. Always browse with incognito in Chrome or private browsing mode in FireFox when you visit the Ashley Madison Website You dont want to leave any online traces…
2. Make sure Ashley Madison doesnt send you emails to your personal email open a new email account just for this
3. Always meet when you are busy or when your wife is out of town or you are sure she is away

If you make sure that you use Ashley Madison responsibly, you can wind up with all the awesome sex that youve been missing out on in your marriage. Its like they say at Ashley Madison: Life is short. Have an affair.

OK lets admit it, you want to cheat. So who would it be with:

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