Contributed by Bobby Rio, Professional dating coach.

sex.jpegI work with a few personal coaching clients. These are guys who pay me a LOT of money to essentially solve their love life for them.

Now, I love working with these guys because its an opportunity to really make a difference, and I LOVE getting emails from them when they finally score that girl theyve been after. But almost all of these calls lead to one awkward moment when I feel like Im about to break their hearts.

What is that moment? Its the moment when he tells me that: Things were really good but now I cant get her to hang out with me again.

He tells me: Shes always busy.

I get silent contemplating how to best word what Im about to say…

Then I tell him: No, shes not always busy. There is just another guy that shed rather hang out with. I know, its a cruel thing to say to a guy, but me sugar coating things wont get him anywhere. And facts are facts. The facts are that cool, fun, attractive girls ALWAYS have a guy to hang out with.

And shes gonna choose to hang out with the guy who has more of her attention. Shes going to choose to hang out with the guy who has stirred more emotion in her, and shes going to choose to hang out with the guy that she has a stronger desire to sleep with (or has already slept with).

Facts are facts.

You can ignore them. Run from them. Pretend shes busy. Or you can face the challenge head on like a man.

Heres the thing…

If youve hung out with a girl a few times and thought things went really well (but now shes slipping into the arms of another guy), then you probably didnt get her hooked in all three realms.

In order to fully hook a girl youve got to seduce her emotionally, psychologically, and physically. A lot of guys dont get this. They spend a few nights making her laugh, they have a lot of rapport with her, and connect emotionally, but thats just ONE REALM (the emotional).

What they failed to do was:

1. Capture her attention so shes thinking about him when hes not around (psychological).

2. Awaken a strong desire to sleep with him (physical).

When youve conquered all three realms she forgets about other guys, shes never busy and she ALWAYS has time to hang out with you.

If you want a fast track education on seducing all three realms in a woman then watch this video.