slide-812So youre taking the initiative to go out, youre hitting up the hot spots in your town, all you have to do next is meet the girls.

So youre meeting girls, youre getting your game on, youre doing everything you can during the interaction to turn her on your side.

Now you need to do the one thing thatll let you see her later. You need to take the interaction to the next plateau and make it so you can keep in touch with each other and get in each others social circles, you need to get the girls phone number.

Now, a phone number has some loaded implications, a lot of girls dont want to give out their phone numbers to strangers, some guys only collect the phone numbers of girls with no intention on following up on them.

Which is why trading the number has to come at a certain point where shes comfortable, even excited to be giving her number out, youre stoked to have it, and both parties want to reciprocate.

You can learn how to get a girls phone number. There are quick and easy ways. Heres how.

1. Make sure when you go out, youre actually approaching people.

Thats right, the next time you go to a bar or a show, or any giant social gathering dont hug the wall and be antisocial, dont be the guy who people are wondering why hes sitting in the corner, arguing with himself, not talking to anybody at the bar or at the dance floor.

Youre not going to pull any numbers if youre enjoying the same habits that youve been doing in the last few years. Get out. Open. Socialize. Thats step one.

2. Be real good at building comfort.

The only thing you have to worry about when youre getting into a conversation with a stranger is whether or not shes comfortable with you, what shes at in the interaction. If you can get to the point where shes talking about her dreams and desires, and cool things to do around town, youre already at the point where you can get her number.

Then you just have to infer that you two should stay in touch, and go for the digits. Its that easy. If youre good at building comfort, youll be able to get anybodys numbers. If youre not, youre going to have a lot of work to do that you wont be very happy about.

3. Be more excited about the event when youre getting her number than the actual number.

This might be a foreign thing to some people, but you have to realize, the entire point of game is to project that youre not that interested in your target, but she has every possible reason to be interested in you.

So when you use words like phone number instead of contact details and bring up the idea of exchanging it instead of letting her arrive at that conclusion, sometimes it looks like youre being too overeager.

You dont want to be too overeager. Thatll cut you off at the knees. Dont cut yourself off at the knees. Play it cool. And speaking of playing it cool…

4.Know what the interesting things to do around town are.

This cant be stressed enough. If youre going to look like any kind of leader, you have to know whats going down in your town. You have to know what type of events the girls youre talking to will enjoy going to, and hint at those events.

If you dont know whats cool to do around town, try to get a travel guide, acquainted with the entire operation on Yelp or Citysearch, there are always cool things to be doing.

And if you cant be doing cool things in your town and youre in a little one, guess what? You have the creativity and the space to arrange for your own time and events. Thats not a terrible thing, its a great thing.

5. Stop being afraid to ask for it.

Guess what, youre going to get numbers if you ask for them. If you never ask for phone numbers, youre never going to get them. The minute you start asking for them is the minute youre going to start getting more and more of them.

At the beginning, its an approach game, the more you approach, the more numbers you get….

So get out there. Start making connections with people, start justifying reasons why you should stay in touch, and the numbers will start coming, much more easily than you anticipated. Thats how you can get a girls phone number.