Is frizzy hair bringing you down? I know it can be tough trying to maintain a sleek look in the hot, humid weather and believe me I know. So, Im gonna let you in on a little secret that has tamed my stresses.

Coconut Oil!

Yes, its my savior! Not only does it make your hair shiny, its also a great oil to restore the health back in hair. But dont over do it. The last thing you want is your hair feeling extra greasy. Eww! After drying your hair, all you need is one or two drops (depending on your hairs length and thickness), then rub it into the palms of your hands, and run it through the frizz. It can work on wet hair too which I think is the best way.

And there you go….NO MORE FRIZZ!

Coconut oil has saved my hair from numerous incidents. :)

I hoped you enjoyed this beauty tip of the week. Today is the first post of this new series so youll receive more weekly beauty tips from yours truly.

How do you tame your frizz?