Jennifer Aniston Hair

The weather is starting to heat up so who wouldnt want to warm up their hair color. The au-naturel look is the it trend this summer, and trying a sun-kissed hair look at home can be easily achievable. Celebs like Jennifer Aniston pulls this look off very well.

Over the years, Jennifer Anistons hair has been fairly conservative when it comes to her hair color. Shes never been completely blonde but manages to always have blonde streaks and highlights. Its a great look for people who doesnt want extreme blondeness.

Whats the secret to achieving sun-kissed highlights like Jennifer?

Lemons! Lemon juice is an excellent natural bleach that can brighten up any hair.

First, grab a lemon and get freshly squeezed lemon juice from it. Pour the lemon juice in a spray bottle and then spray all over your hair. Sit in the sun for at least 20 minutes. Next, wash and dry your hair. Make sure you use a great hair conditioner so your hair doesnt dry out.

Thats it! Now you have natural, sun-kissed hair.

For highlights

Instead of spraying lemon juice all over your hair, pour it over the areas you want lighter. Grab a wide tooth comb and comb in the lemon juice. This will separate the juice and create natural streaks.

Hope you enjoyed this beauty tip of the week. See you next time!

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