bad dateNow that Ive been showing some success with women, trust me, it wasnt always like this, a lot of friends have been asking me what my secret is to the really terrifying experience of asking a girl out. I thought Id share that information with you by telling you what NOT to do when asking a girl out.

1. Become super-invested in her.

This is a biggie, both when you actually ask her out and when youre first starting to know her. When youve established an attraction with her, a must-do before asking any girl out is to give off the impression that you could take her or leave her. Girls want a bit of a challenge. In the same way, when asking her out, dont become too emotionally-invested in her answer of yes or no. If she feels like youre too invested, itll put too much pressure on her and shell get scared.

2. Be shy.

Oh, if girls see a guy who is shy, they just cant wait to hang out with him some more, right? Show her that youre a fun guy to hang around with, and that if she wanted to, the two of you could have some fun together.

3. Be a follower.

Theres a reason why every girl in high school was attracted to the captain of the football team. Girls love leaders. Show off your leadership ability before asking a girl out by organizing a large event with your friends and inviting her along, or just going to the same party and talking to a whole lot of people. Girls like guys who are comfortable in their own skin.

4. Ask her to go to a dinner and movie.

This has become the worst date possible. Not only is it the most un-original and boring type of date out there, but it suddenly puts this extra legitimacy to the date, which can scare her off for good. Come up with something a bit more original guys.

5. Ask her to do something, sometime.

So many guys hate putting themselves out there and specifying a specific thing to do, so instead of actually asking out a girl theyll say something like do you want to do something sometime? Oh, girls just cant WAIT to be asked a vague question like that. Come up with a plan which you can use to your benefit, if she says no, thats her problem.

Now that Ive told you the secrets of how NOT to ask a girl out, heres a video explaining what you need to know about actually asking a girl out.