You might typically think artistry and technology have very little to do with each other, but when creativity and machinery come together, the results are entirely spectacular.

Case in point: when artist Gabriel Schama began using a laser cutter, he was able to create beautifully ornate wooden sculptures. After sketching out the remarkable patterns and feeding them into a software program connected with the machine, Schama molded mesmerizing shapes and figures out of precisely cut pieces of wood. Check out his fascinating work below.

(via Colossal)

The 3-D nature of these pieces is incredible. I can”t believe these used to be just hunks of wood! Our creativity constantly finds new and interesting outlets for expression. I can”t wait to see what Schama does next. If you”d like to keep an eye on his work, visit his website, check out his shop (where you can buy some of these!), or follow him on Facebook.